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If you're looking to get Bold, Bright and Solid tattoos - come visit us at Stone River Tattoo Company, a private, appointment-only tattoo studio located at 19 Easter Road, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Meet the team of our talented tattoo artists! Each with their own unique style and expertise, they're passionate about creating art that you'll love.

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  • Jake Tattoo Artist at Stoneriver Tattoo Studio


    Traditional Japaneese, Old-School, enjoys doing large projects.

  • Manny Tattoo Artist at Stoneriver Tattoo Studio


    Sketch, Graphic, Watercolour, Colour Realistic tattoos

  • Ruairidh Tattoo Artist at Stoneriver Tattoo Studio


    Specialises in Bright, Bold, Traditional tattooing

  • Karolis Tattoo Artist at Stoneriver Tattoo Studio


    Graphic, Illustrative, Realism, Fine line, specialises in delicate nature-inspired designs

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Stone River Tattoo Company?

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Tattoos that Age Like Wine

At Stone River Tattoo Company, we specialise in timeless designs and expert application, ensuring your tattoos age like fine wine, maturing gracefully with you.

Diverse Tattoo Styles

Whether you crave a bold traditional tattoo or a hyper-realistic masterpiece, Stoneriver Tattoo Company has you covered.

Quality and Comfort

We prioritise your comfort alongside quality. Getting a tattoo can be nerve-wracking. That's why we created a relaxed, welcoming environment to ensure you feel at ease.

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Ever dreamt of a tattoo that tells your story? Our experienced artists will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring a tattoo you'll love for years to come. Book your free consultation today and start your tattoo journey!

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