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Stone River Tattoo Company

Stone River Tattoo Company is a private, appointment-only studio located at 19 Easter Road, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The studio is run by us, life and business partners, Jake and Vytaute. We live in the local area with our two daughters and our dog, Soba.

In 2019, we created and ran Santaka Tattoo, which quickly became a well-renowned studio in Kaunas, Lithuania. In 2022, we left Santaka in the trusted hands of our colleague and we relocated back to Edinburgh.

Following on from this success and after over a year of settling in we are now ready for a new and exciting family-run venture in Edinburgh. We have always worked to a high standard and, as professionals, we aim to create a well-rounded, high-end tattoo studio that, at the same time, is warm and welcoming.

Something we have noticed over time is how tattoos can be very healing, inspiring and meaningful, with this in mind, we want to help you, the client, to develop your ideas for tattoos that depict self- exploration and growth. Facilitating a transformative experience that will last a lifetime.

Jake Galleon

Co-owner / Resident Tattoo Artist

Born and raised in London, Jake has now settled in Edinburgh, Scotland. And as this new venture at Stone River Tattoo Company begins, he is also celebrating 15 years in the tattooing industry.

Throughout this time, Jake has worked globally in many inspiring tattoo studios. And, over the years, he has developed as an artist, honed his skills as a tattooist and has influenced and encouraged other tattooists to do the same.

Jake Galleon specialises in bold black and grey realism, neo- traditional, and Japanese traditional tattoos. He takes great pride and care in his work, with the piece he is creating and, importantly, with the person he is creating it for.

In opening Santaka, Jake was able to bring all his skills together under one roof developing a thriving tattooing studio with happy clients, and as well as this, he also trained two new apprentice tattoo artists.

For his 15th anniversary, Jake is ready to do the same in Edinburgh, with the opening of the Stone River Tattoo Company.

My Portfolio

Vytaute Valentaite

Co-owner / Shop Manager

Since I met Jake, 13 years ago, I’ve become increasingly more fascinated about the creative process of tattooing, especially the stories and meanings behind them.

I studied Marketing and Communications at Greenwich University. And before graduating I worked in customer service-related roles and after in the communications department of a large corporation. This experience came in handy when opening our new shop, and I’ve learned heaps along the way too.

In a nutshell, I do everything but tattooing, from making the space welcoming, to marketing, social media, customer relations, and aftercare. My main concern is to make sure everyone feels comfortable, supported and welcome, as a client or as a member of staff.

For both of us, it is an amazing honour to be able to provide a safe and welcoming space for people to express themselves.

Work with Us

Tattoo Artists

We want to create a space where we can work and provide a fair and comfortable environment for like-minded tattoo artists, where we will grow and support each other and the clients.

We encourage a slower quality-orientated approach to tattooing where the artist will be able to concentrate on their unique artistic expression, and, at the same time, they will be able to choose and manage their workload to suit their lifestyles and commitments.

Guest spots WELCOME. Whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio, meet fellow artists, or explore a new city, our studio is the perfect place. Just contact us.

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