Karolis Tattoo Artist at Stoneriver Tattoo Studio


Resident Tattoo Artist

Karolis has been captivated by the arts from a young age and has spent the last five years honing his craft in the tattooing world, specialising in delicate nature-inspired designs and fine detail.

His work spans various styles, including intricate flora and fauna, illustrative, graphic, and surrealistic tattoos.

Recently, Karolis has ventured into the study of Amazonian and Andean healing arts, seeking healing for himself but he’s now looking to intertwine these ancient practices with his tattooing. His style and technique evolving continuously.

This newfound passion has not only deepened his connection to these cultures but also inspired him to explore how tattoos can serve as powerful mediums for healing and personal transformation.

He continues to enrich his practice by planning more exploratory trips, aiming to integrate more care, intention, and profound meaning into each piece of his art.

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