Manny Tattoo Artist at Stoneriver Tattoo Studio


Resident Tattoo Artist

Born in 1977, Manny’s artistic journey started in childhood, drawing on anything he could. His passion led him to study Fine Arts in his native Portugal, where he specialised with a Master’s in Human Anatomy for Artists.

Moving to the UK in 2012, settling first in London before finding his home in Edinburgh in 2019. His art, recognised worldwide, is featured in galleries across Portugal, Germany, and the USA.

As a resident artist at Stone River Tattoo Studio, Manny brings his own personal style and, at the same time, forges a deep connection with his clients, making each tattoo session a unique blend of artistic vision and personal expression.

His work, whether on canvas or skin, tells a story, showcasing a continuous exploration and growth fueled by a passion for creating and a reverence for the narratives that inspire him.

Manny has an incredible imagination and great attention to detail. His tattoos are mainly sketch style often with bright, vibrant colours, mimicking his mixed media paintings.

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