Old School Tattoos

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At Stone River Tattoo Company, Edinburgh's premier tattoo studio, we pay homage to the timeless art of Old School tattoos. Our team of dedicated artists are passionate about preserving the heritage of classic tattooing, meticulously recreating the bold lines, vibrant colours, and iconic imagery that define this enduring style.

Embrace the Legacy of Old School Tattoos

Experience the essence of Old School with bold black outlines and a limited palette of vibrant, flat colours. Our artists ensure your tattoo captures the authenticity and timeless appeal of traditional tattooing. Immerse yourself in the rich symbolism of Old School tattoos. We offer a curated selection of classic flash art featuring anchors, roses, swallows, daggers, and other iconic designs, ready to be brought to life on your skin.

Large & Bold Statement Pieces

Old School thrives on bold statements. Our artists are experienced in creating full sleeves, back pieces, and other large-scale Old School tattoos that command attention and showcase your love for classic tattoo art. We are really passionate about preserving this timeless style of tattooing.

Embrace the Legacy

Stone River Tattoo Company is your gateway to the world of timeless Old School tattoos in Edinburgh. Browse our artist portfolios showcasing classic styles or visit our welcoming studio for a consultation. Let's collaborate to create a bold and striking Old School tattoo that pays homage to tradition and reflects your unique story.

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