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Escape the ordinary and embrace the electrifying world of New School tattoos at Stone River Tattoo Company, Edinburgh's leading studio for bold, playful, and utterly unique ink. Our passionate artists specialise in creating eye-catching designs that burst with colour, energy, and a healthy dose of rebellion.

Unleash the Spirit of New School

New School thrives on vibrancy. Our artists utilize a spectrum of saturated colours and bold black outlines to create dynamic designs that pop off your skin and demand attention. Let your inner child loose! We incorporate iconic characters, comic book elements, and pop culture references into our New School drawings, creating a playful and personal piece that reflects your passions.

Your New School Tattoo Specialists

At our tattoo studio, we ensure your tattoo is more than just ink; it's a vibrant expression of your individuality. We embrace the graphic elements of New School tattoos and seamlessly integrate geometric shapes, striking patterns, and bold lettering to create truly unique and eye-catching designs.

Let Your New School Vision Come Alive

Break the mold. Choose Stone River Tattoo Company for exceptional New School tattoos in Edinburgh. It is your destination for electrifying New School tattoos. Browse our artist portfolios showcasing vibrant New School styles or visit our welcoming studio for a consultation. Let's collaborate to create a playful and unique tattoo that reflects your personality.

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